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Prelude to a gagged kiss 2

“Messianic.” This is one of the words used to describe the age we live in post-911. It’s a word to describe the United States in how it relates to the rest of the world. We’ll save you from the evils of Islam, communism or whatever else that isn’t amenable to unbridled capitalism. Swap in terms like utilitarianism or humanism if you like. They are all modes of how we engage the world. It’s all about control, the taking or surrendering of. The election of President Obama was said to represent a change from this paradigm. He was going to save us from all of this. There’s irony here. We need a savior to save us from saviors? No matter what your politics may be, someone is convinced they need to save you from some ill. Post-911, we were told we were now living in the post-postmodern era. We were being saved from a worldview that suggested we might try to find some solace or joy in the process rather than in a solution that relies on the same failed methods and runs us in circles. My worldview isn’t cynical. My worldview pretty much says “let’s play.” From a faith-based perspective, it would be the equivalent of “make a joyful noise.” Do what thou will and enjoy it, because life is too damned short to be bound to societal prescriptions. The political is personal, and if a little pony play will set you free, have at it.

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

I have little taglines I like to use on web sites like Model Mayhem, Facebook, and MySpace. “I can’t be good. They won’t let me.” “Gags for pretty gals.” “I tie your girlfriends up. They like it!” Being cheeky is where it’s at for me. I take myself seriously sometimes. I take the creative process seriously. I want to capture a moment in time with my art that is memorable, no matter what my editorial vision is. If I’m slapping tape on your mouth or am fitting it with a ball gag or tying you up in knots, how serious do you want me to be? I’ll be serious enough to gauge what your limits are and if kink is something you are remotely interested in. I’ll be serious enough to pay strict attention to your safety. But damn it, this should be fun, or why are we doing it? Being an adult is overrated, and I do prescribe to the Freudian convention that all art is play, a return to childhood. It’s just that our games are a lot more elaborate. Where does this put me in respect to everyone else in society? Mainstream folk get on their soapboxes and contextually abuse the DSM to marginalize those who play at BDSM. If we’re not mentally defective, we’re perverts with a capital “P”. One philosophical persuasion will say the one while one will say the other. There’s your “audacity of hope.” There is none. Make your life a surrealistic expression. Create a world of your own and go there.

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The audacity of hope . . .

and other pop culture myths.

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The trick is to build the story around the writing.

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It’s been a while since I’ve been interviewed about my photography. The last time I was interviewed was by a newspaper in Ohio, and the subject matter was oh so serious. This time, the interview was conducted by the deliriously funny and beautiful Krystal Irene. Answering her questions was quite the challenge.

Hi Boyd!
You have a degree in philosophy. What is your theory about attracting men that do not put out or have a severe case of erectile dysfunction?
Haha!!! Let’s see. You’re super-smart and sexy, which causes all kinds of performance anxiety in the guys that are interested in you. You should be a dominant. Then they’ll have no choice.
Wait. This is about you! Sorry, sweetie. Who or what inspired you to become a photographer? Was it an established photographer or perhaps a muse?
The funny thing is that I had never used a camera in any serious capacity before 2002 except for taking vacation photos. I’ve always been drawn to the work of Steve Diet Goedde, Richard Kern, Christophe Mourthe, and Steven Klein. Early muses were Ashley Renee, Emily Marilyn, and Dita. The identification with bondage and fetish was there early on.
It is the human condition to seek satisfaction. What satisfies Boyd?
I am a bit of a poster-child for self-gratification. What satisfies me? Nothing. I will never think that I’m desirable enough or that I have achieved enough.
What’s the most hysterical model/photographer moment you’ve experienced?
I can think of the most embarrassing, but I don’t know about funny. My entire time as a photographer has been marked by me being a bit spacey during shoots and amusing the models I work with. One of the funnier sets I’ve shot was you with the ring gag and nipple clamps. Now that was hysterical.
You also have a degree in literature. Who’s your favorite author?
Faulkner. He pretty much sums up how I view time and how we are all the accumulation of so much debris.
If I attached tassels to my Bengal’s nipples, would you photograph it or consider it animal cruelty?
Haha! Just for you, Krystal! As long as your Bengal is happy, I’m game.
Animals love bondage! They just can’t communicate their love. What about me flogging a cow that happens to be wearing a ball gag? Would you love to photograph that hot girl on cow action?
The visuals are too frightening. I have bad memories of tipping cows from the time I lived in Florida. The mushroom tea flashbacks are pretty frightening too.
What draws you to bondage?
This is the 64,000-dollar question. I first started my relationship with the Internet back in 1998, and some of the first sites I stumbled upon were Ashley Renee’s site and another site called Ashley would write in her journal for every site update, and I found myself identifying with ideas like surrendering control and coming to terms with various trust issues. So, while my photography might identify me as a dominant or a switch, I am very much a submissive in person.
If you were invincible for one day, where would you go?
I’ve always wanted to be a star running back for The Ohio State University football team.
Do you duct tape your penis to your leg to keep nude photo shoots professional (you totally don’t have to use this! HAHA!)?
I’m thinking that this is the one question that could get me into trouble. Seriously, guys get erections when the wind blows. I’m a guy. It doesn’t happen that often, because I’m zoned into shooting the “Boyd angles” and getting the shot. When it does, though, you’re hoping that the model doesn’t notice or is savvy enough to not care.
Do you think chemistry between model and photographer is important?
The model being comfortable is key. Usually, the first twenty or so stills establish the chemistry and set the comfort level. The model has to buy into my vision for the vision to materialize.
How does being a photographer affect your love life?
They told me when I was a writer that being a writer would get me laid. I have no love life, nor did I have a love life before I was a photographer.
If you were abducted by a dominatrix alien, would you be open to supernatural coitus?
Only if she looked like Isabella Sinclaire or you! HAHA!
Do you dabble in any other mediums of art?
I’ve published poetry before and used to be a bit prolific when it came to writing. I’ve also done a bit of stage acting.
You’ve moved to Los Angeles fairly recently – what are the pros and cons? You mentioned that LA girls could eat you alive. Is that a pro or a con?
The pros are that this is the center of the universe when it comes to a diverse group of artistic mediums. The potential to create, and the resources for this creation, are nearly endless. The two biggest cons are how expensive it is to live out here and how “non-welcoming” so many folks out here can be. I’m an open book and about as friendly as someone can be. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been greeted with “what do you want?” from folks out here. When I said that LA girls could eat me alive, I meant it. Save for the male masters of the universe out here, it’s the ladies who are in charge. Being that I’m submissive and all, this can be a good thing. It’s not good right now, because I’m on the outside looking in at this dynamic. We’ll see how I feel when my very own chain puller finds me.
If we were sailing in my imaginary yacht and I threw your ass overboard, would you sink, swim or walk on water?
Another interesting question. A very old friend of mine once said that no matter what happened, I had a way of landing on my feet. And, frankly, ending up in LA is further proof of this. Still, several broken bones and lots of arthritis later, I don’t think I want to test this theory. I’d say I’ll “swim.”
Do your photos reveal you or the model?
I’d like to think they reveal both. A peer once wrote that photography is my mistress. I can’t help but to project myself onto my models. Still, the very editorial focus of my work insists that the model give me a glimpse of her psyche.
Any future projects we should keep an eye out for?
The Black Tape Sessions 2 is being released simultaneously with Boyd’s Apartment. There’s a big book of nudes I’d like to release this summer as well as a book of shower photos I started when I first moved here. I’m a big fan of the work of photographer Steven Klein and would love to start work on a theme involving fashion and slavery.

You’re the best!
Thank you ma’am.





messianic (not comparable)

Positive messianic

Comparative not comparable
Superlative none (absolute)

Of, relating to, or resembling a messiah

The new world we live in demands we believe in something, anything. It’s not that I believe in nothing, it’s that I don’t believe in your prescription. One hegemony begets another.

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
- W.B. Yeats, “The Second Coming”

Here I sit on a warm August Tuesday in Los Angeles, wondering what above all else comes next. I want the space to create, and I have it. As for so many folks everywhere, though, making enough money to stay afloat is the primal urge.
Take a 300 and some odd feet square efficiency apartment, a mini-kitchen and a walk-in closet that leads to a smallish bathroom and what do you have? You have a limited play space to make an editorial statement. Noted, it might seem difficult to convey anything when you’re wearing a hood with an enclosed blindfold and attachable penis gag making it impossible to speak.

Still, if you ask the model, she would prefer not to be released from her “disgrace.” “Disgrace” is in quotes, because words have meaning, often multiple meanings for me. “Disgrace” in this case doesn’t carry its usual negative connotation. In our world, to be in control is the epitome of success. A lack of control is unsavory. Flip it. Understanding that one has little to no control is the key to understanding one’s self. I am reminded of this from a play session I participated in at Bondage Ball in Hollywood July 4. Being restrained with a hood on my head while being flogged by a beautiful woman is Boyd at his happiest. Well, insomuch as when I want to suspend the pretense of control. I’m quite sure I could tick off a list of motivations for this and still come up lacking. For instance, each and every one of us wants to feel desirable. We all need to be loved in a way that validates us. We all need to be heard, and sometimes we wish we all could be silenced because of personal shortcomings. We all need to feel. Pain is so relative, and when we can experience it without becoming unhinged, we rejoice.
When I first started as a photographer, a world-renowned fetish photographer explained how I should treat each modeling session as a scene. In the process of explaining this to a model I shot with recently, she was actually concerned. My point to her was not that I desired to create an actual scene, but that power exchange play that isn’t editorial in nature or that doesn’t seek to capture the real finds itself lacking. These Indoor Games played out wherever I may be will always endeavor to achieve this.